Church Vision


What is the church?

A community of believers called/loved by the Father, redeemed in Christ united to one another by the Holy Spirit.


Why does the church exist?

The church exists for the glory of God by seeking the good of his creation in proclaiming the gospel and serving one another


What does the church do?

The church gathers for corporate worship and mutual edification through the Word of God. The church is sent out into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ. The church displays/proclaims the person and character of Jesus Christ in serving/loving our neighbours

We do is only until Christ returns, when the church is complete, creation is renewed and God is forever glorified.


How do we do this?

In communities: gathered altogether in Sunday services, in smaller groups both in the church family and outside the church family.

Address: Dodds Lane, Gwersyllt, Wrexham LL11 4NT